United Republicans For Arizona

Community Council

Elections ought to be about the representation of issues, not the election of candidates. Jefferson believed individual values and beliefs, when expressed through elections, provide the most appropriate foundation for maintaining our Republic. Stemming from his profound optimism in human reason and common sense, Jefferson believed the best defense against tyranny is when individuals actively engage in conversations around issues with their neighbors and community members. Establishing what he called Wards at the local level, Jefferson encouraged the creation of network hubs of civic activism to build county and state legislative bodies that represented the will of the individual to manage their affairs. 

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

Thomas Jefferson

Community Council Guiding principles

Republicans emphasize candidates over issues, while the Democrats always make issues a priority. The UR4AZ Community Council is working to make all politics local and issues driven. Community Council Action Groups turn the campaigns and election process on its head. Action Groups concentrate on issues that matter most to Arizona Citizens. Beginning with education, Community council action groups meet with local community members to hold neighborhood meetings, house parties, and informal get to gathers to discuss issues, solutions, and actions local community members can do together.

Primacy of the Individual
 Jefferson stood for the primacy of the individual, their natural rights, values, personal property, and interests. The UR4AZ Community Council was established to educate, advocate, organize, and mobilize around issues that matter to individual Republicans. 

Society is an illusion

For Jefferson, society is an illusion; only individuals and what individuals can voluntarily do together are real and purposeful. Society is a construct created by those who have only one interest, to marginalize and belittle the natural rights of individuals.   

Local Community Structures

Natural rights combined with natural talents simultaneously distributes and integrates individuals into a community by distinguishing each person as unique.  Bound together, individual build a local community structure that protects the potential individuals brings to the community.

Individual Activism

Republicanism, unlike other forms of government, including democracy, requires individual active political, economic, and social participation. the individual is ultimately responsible and accountable for safeguarding the republican form of government. 

Grow Representation

Individuals increase in value as they expand their  participation.  With participation, relationships expand, networks are formed, and new pattern develop both structurally and functionally to grow representation locally, regionally, and statewide. 

The final check on Tyranny

The individual is the final check on tyranny. Only when individuals educate, advocate, organize, and mobilize with others can we  preserve the political, economic, and social values that make each local community unique. This is Jeffersonian Republicanism. 

Babies Deserve a Choice Too

More and more conservative organizations are joining with local Republicans to make “Life” a priority. The United Republicans for Arizona Community Council Action Group, “Babies Deserve a Choice Too” advocates for the unborn by forming and joing coalitions and building networks to follow Jeffersonian Thinking: “Act Locally, Organize Locally.”

Action Groups

Phones on Fire Mission

Provide written or phone call comments to the Pima County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and Clerk of the Board. Comments are based on: BOS Agenda, Addendum, County Administrator memorandums, and Commissions Activity of importance to the Board of Supervisors. Our goal is to raise awareness of specific items affecting our Pima County community through our personal comments on a regular basis.

Political Caucus

To invigorate and equip sustained local political and civic involvement

High Tea at 3

We strive to advance Southern Arizona women by promoting and preserving conservative principles — God, Country, Patriotism and American History. We gather together in fellowship to encourage, enable and facilitate their active involvement in business, employment, family, life-long learning and community life.


Support all first responders. Rally and stand with those who protect and keep the United States of America safe.

Babies Deserve a Choice Too

Babies Deserve a Choice Too, is a Pro-Life Group inspired to bring awareness, inform and educate our community, friends, and neighbors about the reality of Abortion.

The Mens’ Roundtable 

Provide the opportunity to join in fellowship with like-minded Jeffersonian Republicans.  

Provide educational programs to the Roundtable membership that support Republican ideals.

Provide support to fellow UR4AZ Action Groups.


Patriots Rise

To raise community awareness and patriotism. To inspire active participation in defense of

the United States Constitution and support of America First Activities. We stand to protect

this great nation and defend her proudly and let our voices be heard.