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To educate, inspire, and encourage participation in the political process by volunteering our time and resources to elect Republican candidates.  To promote Republican ideals of peace through strength, prosperity through individual responsibility, and liberty through limited government.

When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion is a Duty.

Thomas Jefferson

UR4AZ Video for the Month

UR4AZ Director Quotes Cesar Chavez

Eileen Wilson told the Pima County Board of Supervisors they need to consider the children of our community when making decisions about encouraging illegal aliens to enter the United States.

Did You Know? 
Cesar Chavez, champion of farmworkers, had his own special name for illegal aliens, “wetbacks.” He  was so against “wetbacks” that he formed his own private Border Patrol.

Chavez was relentless in his efforts to halt illegal immigration from Mexico and was active in pursuing the deportation of those already here. Chavez knew that illegals were driving down wages, and was a detriment to immigrants here legally.

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Arizona rancher: After MS-13 walked through the gap in the border wall, they came knocking at my door

Every Community is a Border Community

A rancher along the southern border said he’s seen a significant increase in drug smugglers — sometimes toting guns — crossing his land and has found bodies of migrants who died on his property trying to make it into the U.S.  Watch the video.

“We’ve been here 35 years now, and it’s a wonderful ranch, except we are very ticked off that all these drug packers are coming to my ranch to poison our American people,” Jim Chilton, owner of the Chilton Ranch, told Fox News.  

Part of Chilton’s property was protected by the border wall. He urged President Biden and Congress to finish construction in order to protect the country — and him and his wife. He said on one occasion, Chilton’s wife, Sue, was home alone and answered a knock on the door to MS-13 members carrying guns.

“It’s kind of scary,” Chilton, who comes from a long line of ranchers, told Fox News. “That’s just life on the border.”

Chilton said thousands of migrants crossed his property in 2022, marking a significant increase from years prior. He suspects many are carrying drugs.

On Monday, Arizona border officials in Nogales, around 30 miles from Chilton, seized around 776,000 fentanyl pills, 289 pounds of methamphetamine and 55 pounds of heroin, Customs and Border Protection Nogales Port Director Michael Humphries tweeted. Nearly 15,000 pounds of fentanyl has been seized along the southern border this year, according to CBP.  Continue reading.

Community Council

Educate – Advocate – Organize – Mobilize

Community Council Overview

The Community Council comprises UR4AZ members who engage Republicans locally and statewide around issues that matter. Each group works to transform the  “campaigns and elections” model into an “Issue Organizing Campaigns” model where elected GOP representatives, officials, and grassroots Republicans are aligned through issues. Each group builds relationships to educate, advocate, organize, and mobilize Republicans to support conservative candidates.

Community Council Groups

When it comes to maintaining our Constitutional Republic, “size matters.” Jefferson knew this by envisioning the smallest political, economic, and social unit of our Republic as the local “neighborhood.”  Jefferson believed the secret to sustaining liberty is an active and vibrant community where citizens engage their representatives directly.  Community Council Groups were created to establish a direct alignment among issues that matter to citizens and their representatives. 

Community Council Events

Through Community Council events, the UR4AZ operationalizes the representative process designed by Thomas Jefferson. Liberty and representation are indivisible; we aspire to create small local neighbors where citizens with their families unify to organize local services to reflect their interests. Starting first with small neighborhood meetings and get-togethers, events are created through community council groups to connect citizens to the issues that matter to them. 

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Local Government

Individual – Family

Local governments for the most part have failed the American people. Instead of flexibility and less regulations, local government has stood in the way of hard working Americans and their families to thrive. As Jeffersonian Republicans click below to find out what you can do to keep your own money, protect your property, and create a culture of success for your community.

State Government

Networks – Representative

Jeffersonian Republicanism begins with a local network of citizens held together by common issues. Local network are linked together by communities of interests. Community networks form counties or regions which are represented by the state legislature.  The result is a sovereign independent state-wide network. Click below to start forming your local network

Central Government

Federalism – Compacts

Federalism is a compact among the States to act as a check on the centrsl government.  If the federal government exceeds its authority as defined by the enumerated powers of the Constitution, the states have the right and moral obligation to nullify any unconstitutional law, rule, or regulation.  Click below to explore how federalism in greater detail. 

For generations, the congress, executive, and judiciary have made a mockery of what our Constitutional Republic once meant. The States must stand against the tyranny of the central government, and each citizen has to be convinced of the rightness of their values and beliefs. Central to this effort is the elimination of the IRS. Citizens of all persuasions, when educated, would undoubtedly be against taxes on production, investment, and savings. Once educated, we then move to advocate, organize and mobilize to abolish the IRS. 

For education, be it a traditional school, charter, alternative, faith-based, private, or home learning, parents should have the absolute authority to determine where and how their children learn. In practical terms, this means all education dollars (federal, state, and Local) should follow students and directly to parents in the form of a voucher. In addition, it is nighttime to end the education bureaucracy that has little impact on improving student learning. Accordingly, the first step is to abolish the Department of Education. 

Don’t look to Washington DC if you want to protect your faith, family, and freedom.  Instead, look at what our Founders did to defeat the British Empire.  As U.S. Citizens, we have a natural right to self-defense, including the right to assemble a local militia apart from State and Federal Control. The U.S. Supreme Court confirmed this in its landmark ruling,  District of Columbia vs. Dick Anthony Heller. This decision fits perfectly with the right to own weapons to protect ourselves, our family, and our community.  This is our natural right and it protects all others.